Look who’s joining us today ….

So I crashed my wife’s interview! hahaha

Ding Dong the Divorce is done


***(Color Key: Jolene. Harlow. Layla.)

Okay guys, you are in for a real treat today! Many of you may recognize our special guest from the Indie book world. 

layla5Joining us this week at Keeping It Real with Jolene and Harlow is Layla aka, The Bowtie Author’s better half. BUT, besides being an author’s wife she has the coolest job on the planet…. personally I think the coolest job on the planet is the washcloth that cleans the body of John Mayer or Jason Mamoa, hell, I’d love to be their wash cloth or loofah any day…. but Layla’s job is pretty bad ass.

Calm your tits Jolene, we haven’t even asked her a question yet!

Okay, Okay …. Layla would you like to tell everyone what it is that you do? 

First off, I’m so excited to be here! You two are freaking hilarious! Other than babysitting my husband…

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