Guest Posts

I am now accepting guest posts as a way to generate a closer community of people who love to read and write. It is my intention to get a wider variety of posts on here in order to appeal to a wider variety of readers. It is my intent, however, that these guest posts should be-in some way-centered around reading or writing. 


Submission Guidelines:

  1. As mentioned above, I would like to keep the information on my site strictly that of reading or writing (this can include publishing, editing, difficulties, etc) 
  2. I am happy to accept promotional guest posts (as I have found them a valuable way of marketing for myself). 
  3. As of right now, I don’t have a word limit to guest posts, but please try not to make them excessively long.
  4. I reserve the right to ask that you shorten your post, or change it if I don’t find that it is appropriate for my site.  
  5. I reserve the right to deny any guest post for any reason. However, I am interested in a wide variety and am happy to accept different views on topics, so the likelihood of this is low.  

If you agree to the guidelines and would like to submit a guest post please fill out the form below.


Thank you for your submission. I will get back to you shortly! 

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