Mystery and Suspense Showcase

Release (the Alliance Chronicles, novella)

51E3rliMl6LBy SF Benson

(NA suspense)

A young boy living in the American Republic before the Street Wars began has to pull his life together when his family is killed. But when he veers to the left and makes bad choices how can he survive?


Control, Book 1 – The Mystery of Landon Miller Series

41bVjRFFZzL._SY346_By R.M.Gauthier

(mystery thriller)

One night of passion. One man. One exclusive club. Can one night change everything?




The Spark That Left Us

61C0u1KufBL._SY346_By K. Brooks

(paranormal thriller)

Psychic serial killers, sold souls, and family bonds.




Mirror, Mirror

51VMg0sSyGLBy Jessica Jesinghaus

(romantic thriller)

When crime reporter Samantha Williams starts seeing murderous images in an antique mirror, can trust what she’s seeing and stop a deranged killer? Or will the killer get to her first?




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