Paranormal Showcase

Death of the Sun (After Undeath #1)

51ub-GZp-KLBy Beth Alvarez

(paranormal romance)

Angela’s life is hectic enough without the addition of an immortal boyfriend. Being with him means making a choice: change herself, or change a vampire’s nature.



Sweet Vengeance (Jessica Sweet Trilogy 1)

51OA2AGW3+L._SY346_By Aliya DalRae

(paranormal romance)

From the time she was young, Jessica Sweet has had visions of finding him. Now her visions are reality in the form of the Vampire Raven, tall, dark and oh so lethal, but when her dreams turn into nightmares, Jessica’s world will never be the same.



State of Grace (Resurrection #1)

41EnrbPwhLL._SY346_By Elizabeth Davies

(paranormal romance)

He’s 1800 years old and may live forever. She’s 27 and will die in the next few months. She’s from his future, and neither of them believe it.



The Spark That Left Us

61C0u1KufBL._SY346_By K. Brooks

(paranormal thriller)

Psychic serial killers, sold souls, and family bonds.




She Marches Through Fire (November Snow Book 3)

51OCQBCLJ4L._SY346_By A.M. Manay

(supernatural fantasy)

Psychic vampire November Snow seeks a cure for the poison sapping her strength and a fairy weapon as powerful as it is dangerous to wield. When it is time to save the innocent and gain justice for her maker, will she find the strength to march through the fire?


The Curious Tale of Gabrielle (Gabrielle #1)

ebook-the-curious-tale-of-gabrielle-b01By Zachary Paul Chopchinski

(YA fantasy, Paranormal)

A teen girl gets a bracelet that allows her to go back in time to witness the lives of its past owners. Little does she know she’s stuck in a war between gods.




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