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Interested in doing joining a read along this month? Below is a list of authors hosting a read along of their books and the link to where you can go to join.

Elena Johansen April 1-30 What We Need to Survive

51yIAUnlZ5LDystopian, science fiction, romance

After the plague, the world became a web of silent roads stretching between empty towns.

Paul discovered he had a knack for living on the move, finding supplies and trading them with other survivors, never staying long in one place, or with one person. But he wanted to. Life would be easier with someone to watch his back.

Nina found her own way to survive in the ruined world, but the choices she made left her guarded and mistrustful. Not a woman likely to care for a handsome stranger who falls in with her group of survivors.

Attraction can be ignored, and trust has to be earned. But the days spent searching for food and shelter, and the nights spent keeping watch, don’t satisfy their truest need…

Each other.  

When danger is never far away, is love a luxury they can’t afford? What We Need to Survive captures the tension, fear, and hope of two people struggling to build a new way of life from the leftovers of the old, deciding what to hold on to, and what to leave behind.



Miranda Lynn April 6-19. Mack

51DPqPv871L._SY346_Fantasy, romance, paranormal, werewolf

His missing sister or his mate?

Casey grew up in the foster care system and it wasn’t easy. A whirlwind of events after she ages out shows her why. Her repressed shifter side emerges with the help of her soon to be mate and his pack. She does her best to learn who and what she as while under the pressure of being hunted by her biological father and his pack.

Mack has been searching for his adopted sister for years after her kidnapping and thinks he has finally found her. His shifter side on the other hand thinks they have found their mate. Fate throws them together in the midst of an oncoming battle and Mack lets instinct take over and follows his heart. 

When the truth comes out the mating instinct takes over and together Mack and Casey change the rules of shifter laws once again.


SF Benson April 1-30. Cursed Hearts

41MfvAFkCtLParanormal romance

One kiss can change lives.
Sixteen-year-old Kelsie Martin wants every girl’s dream—to date and fall in love with the perfect guy. There’s a few things standing in her way. Surging powers that cause her to kill every boy she kisses, and the fact that succubi aren’t supposed to fall in love. She reluctantly accepts her calamitous fate when a new guy, Victor Duquette, enters her life. He’s hot and they have similar interests. Could Victor be the one Kelsie’s been waiting for? One forbidden kiss resurrects a century old curse—drastically changing her life and twisting her idea of happily ever after.




John Raposa April 1-30. Children of Apis: Book One: Rebel Blood

512Dh65aW4L._SY346_Dystopian, science fiction, post apocalyptic

Sometimes rebellion flows in our blood, ready to be awakened.

On July 28, 2057 a cataclysmic event occurred in the United States. Careful planning enabled a tiny percentage of the population to seek refuge underground.

Twenty-seven years later the survivors continue the rebuilding process, back on the earth’s surface, in a small community located near Bellows Falls, Vermont.

After all these years, many unanswered questions remain:
What was the event?
Was it planned and could it happen again?
Are they the only survivors on earth?

Follow Cowan, Kenji, and others as they search for answers in a society controlled by a man who rules with an iron fist. 

The fires of rebellion have burned in the past only to be quenched. Rebels have sought salvation beyond the Territory’s borders with only news of their demise returning.

Is history about to be repeated?

Rebel Blood is the first book in the Children of Apis series. The book’s goal is to create a unique blend of the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres. Hopefully, readers of all ages will enjoy the fast-paced action and become attached to the small band of survivors on their journey through the Children of Apis series.


A.J Culey April 16-30.Tyrabbisaurus Rex

51uQf8IY-0LChildren, Comedy

Recipient of the 2016 Moonbeam Children’s Award for Juvenile Fiction

Tyrabbisaurus Rex doesn’t appreciate being locked in a cage. Sure it has three levels and is full of scrumptious veggies, but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to accept his fate as a classroom pet.

Ginger’s not happy about the always escaping, poopy rabbit. First he chewed the dress her mom gave her. Now he keeps staring at her favorite hat. The demon bunny has got to go!

Warning: This book contains bunny poop, impostor veggies and rabbit teeth of doom. Read at your own risk.





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